Virtual and In Person Projects


For full details on Week of Caring projects and volunteer opportunities, please contact Courtney Schreiner,

Volunteer Engagement Coordinator at 412-456-6702 or email Courtney.Schreiner@unitedwayswpa.org.


COVID-19 Volunteer Opportunities 

United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania is working closely with other community-based organizations to share their most immediate needs while dealing with the coronavirus and connecting volunteers to safe opportunities in their communities.  Looking for ways to help your neighborhood?  Find safe COVID-19 volunteer opportunities here.  



Community members are encouraged to help support urgent community needs created by the Coronavirus outbreak, but we ask that you keep the following in mind:

Honor the public health recommendations. If you’re delivering supplies or food to a family or organization, follow the suggestion of social distancing – ring the doorbell and move away from the door, text them beforehand, etc.

Feel connected through solo volunteering. Even if you’ve signed up for a solo volunteering opportunity – like delivering food to someone who needs it or distributing door hangers with information – know that the people you’re helping appreciate your outreach and you’re helping people feel connected. You’re also staying true to the health department’s suggestion of social distancing.

Look for opportunities that are limited in size. Organizations know how important of a role they play in minimizing the spread of the disease. If you are committed to volunteering with others, look for a group size of 10 or less.

Stay home when you are sick. Of course, you should be doing all of the things to stay safe – hand washing, limiting exposure, etc. – but this one deserves a second shout out. If you are not feeling well, please stay home and get well. Thanks to people who think like you, there will be plenty of volunteers out there to help when needed.


Join hundreds of others who donate their time each year and help improve lives in Butler County! 

Volunteers are a vital part of the work that is happening throughout Butler County, and there are a variety of opportunities available.

If you would like to discuss volunteering, please contact Courtney Schreiner, Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

at (412)456-6702 or email Courtney.Schreiner@unitedwayswpa.org


Agencies:  If you have a project to submit, please contact Courtney Schreiner. 


The worth of volunteers' time reached another record high in 2019 with an approximate value of $25.43 per hour! 
Volunteers are a huge asset for non profit organizations as they bring knowledge and skills that organizations might not have access to otherwise. 
Week of Caring Stats 2019:
156 volunteers completed; 27 projects in 715 hours;
13 partner agencies provided projects; 19 companies participated