Powerful Connections for Women

The 6th Annual Powerful Connections for Women was held on September 30, 2016 from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM at the Robert M Smith Student Center, Slippery Rock University. 

Keynote Speaker: 

Author, columnist, TV and radio host Rose Tennent will be this year's keynote speaker. Ms. Tennent currently can be heard on the radio show "Rose Unplugged" and seen on "Rush to Judgement". Additionally, she has appeared on Sean Hannity's TV show on FOX News and CNN as well as serving as a guest host for his radio show. Her writing has been published in various magazines and online. Her latest book "Thanking Our Soldiers" includes a foreword by Sean Hannity and an interview with country artist Charlie Daniels. Previously, she also co-authored an award-winning children's book. For more information visit roseunplugged.com

Breakout Sessions:

First Impressions (Alex Gianetti): Networking with Purpose! Build strong relationships and make powerful connections. Be more confident in networking situations. Learn strategies of successful networkers. Turn an acquaintance into a close relationship. Become a powerful referral giver by learning how to connect others.
How to Change What You Believe (Dan Hudock): Everything you currently have and/or do is because of your beliefs. If you want something better, something newer, to happen in your life, it first starts with changing your beliefs. How do you change your beliefs?
Stress and How it Manifests According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (Michelle Wheeler): Michelle is an Acupuncturist and owner of Wind in the Willows. Her website is http://windinthewillosacupuncture.com/michelle-wheeler/.
Girls on Guard (Gwyn Nickens): Developed by nationally known self defense experts Steve Kardian and Brad Parker, the Girls on Guard course is a system that allows women to maximize strengths and disable an attacker, as well as recognize potential danger. This program includes both lecture and active group participation. The objective is to provide participants with a better understanding of self defense, awareness, avoidance, and ultimately the power of the human spirit.
Positively Productive (Sandra Lane): Want to increase your productivity level at the office and at home? Sandra Lane, Certified Professional Organizer and found of Organization Lane, will lead this engaging breakout session to help identify common road blocks to completing your to-do list and how to overcome them. Participants will learn how to integrate efficient time and email management strategies to improve daily success.

Shopping opportunities were also available from a variety of vendors with everything from pet treats and jewelry to household items and clothing. 

When: September 30, 2016 
Where: Robert M Smith Student Center 
Slippery Rock University
Time: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM