Living United In The Face Of Disaster

Over the last couple of months, many people's lives have been changed forever due to natural disasters. From Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria to the earthquake in Mexico and the wildfires in California, United Ways are working hard to provide support to their communities. Local United Ways have mobilized to assist with recovery efforts and help those who have been affected by these terrible natural disasters. United Ways are seeking to support mid- and long-term recovery, which in many areas is expected to take years, but have also made an effort to provide short-term assistance through services such as 2-1-1. Tens of thousands of calls, for example, were fielded by 2-1-1  in the days immediately following Hurricane Harvey making landfall.  

As of October 23, the United Way network has raised more than $60.52 million for mid- and long-term recovery efforts related to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria and the earthquake in Mexico. 100% of individual donations to these funds will be distributed to the affected areas. Learn more here

United Ways in Northern California have also united to assist in relief efforts such as providing basic needs services to individuals and assisting non-profit agencies serving vulnerable residents. Additionally, they are seeking to support long-term recovery efforts like food and rent assistance, case management services, and mental health counseling. 100% of donations to the Northern California Wildfire Relief and Recovery Fund will be directly used for relief and recovery efforts. Learn more here

On a much smaller scale, we have continued our work to assist those in Butler who experienced damage and losses following the July 5th flood. Through the Butler Emergency Relief Initiative (BERI), more than $40,000 has been raised to support these efforts. The funds have been used to purchase and install 6 hot water tanks and 12 furnaces as well as provide dehumidifiers and some minor repairs. The work is still ongoing, and all of the funds raised for flood relief efforts will be used to help the people who experienced damage. Learn more here

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