EITC Pre-K Scholarship

Creating employment opportunities for low-income families in partnership with child care providers across the County.

2017 Application Deadline: June 16, 2017
Check back in early 2018 for the new application and details.

United Way of Butler County is an Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Pre-K Organization. This means, United Way of Butler County manages and oversees EITC contributions from eligible companies, as well as the application process and scholarship administration to eligible families and Pre-K organizations.


To qualify for this scholarship, the parents of the student must either reside or be employed by a company located in Butler County. An eligible student is a Pre-K age student (three to six years of age) who is a resident of Pennsylvania, enrolled in a Pre-K Program located in this Commonwealth, and a member of a household with an annual household income of not more than $76,350, except that an additional income allowance of $15,270 is permitted for the student and for each other dependent (as defined by the IRS) living within the same household.